It’s May2016 (random thoughts)!

Yep, today’s the first day of may. You know what that mean? If you live anywhere near the West Indies it means endless rainy day. If you are anywhere in New York like me it means that you have to deal with this weird, one day it’s nice the other it’s freezing weather. I am serious, when i live right now is schizophrenic. it doesn’t know it is should be spring or winter, in the morning it might look all nice and dandy with a dash of sun an 65 degrees, but late afternoon it may feel life it is cloudy rainy and in the low 40’s for some reason. I am optimistic regardless because in a couple of weeks semester is over for me!!! I can finally blog like i am suppose to and relax. I hope you guys have a great month of may and make the best of it. Go ahead try something new and crazy this month 🙂 When you think hard about it there will only one May 2016. There may be other May for you but this the only month of may that will be in 2016!!! There is only a few hours left in this first day so make it special by trying to talk to someone you either never talked to or have not talk to in a while. Maybe it’s someone you have not been in good term with for a while, or maybe its someone you really admire but never had the courage to talk to. Kick off the month with smile and laughter by listening to the random music I post here 🙂 Now if you will excuse me I have to go back writing my term paper before it’s too late 😦 I hope you have a great Sunday 🙂


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