My aching heart, it burns with pain with each pulse,
Within it, the seed of sorrow has been planted,
And so it sprouts, devouring and consuming everything,
A plant of agony, pure and unrestricted,
And as it grows, the pain spreads through my flesh,
Every bone and every fiber comes to burn with it,
There is no relief, neither respite nor liberation,
From the sorrow that has swallowed me whole,
The pain grows to overtake my entire mind,
And it puts forth seeds that bloom into thought,
When I close my eyes, I see the pain and the sorrow,
And the thoughts, they come no matter what I do,
They whisper to me of suffering and depravity,
They work their way through me like a bitter poison,
Blackened with taint and contamination, they spread,
And nothing seems to abate or to quell them,
I watch as the whole of my heart cracks open,
The blood that comes out is as black as night,
The pain is unrelenting, and I slowly grow numb,
To the wounds that time cannot seem to heal,
They all say that there is a path to light and joy,
But that blessed path is hidden away from me,
For my eyes have long been made to shut tight,
Depression destroys me from the inside out.


BY: Hegemony


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