14 thoughts on “Agree or Disagree?

      1. amommasview

        Why? Because I do believe that life is bigger than us. I believe that we can only influence that much. I believe that we are here to witness and learn and take it in. Yes, we can do our part but in the end it’s not entirely up to us if it will actually change something. Yes, we can try to leave our mark and we for sure will in a way but we don’t own it. We are given a life, a chance to become our very best. But we are only a guest here. Does that make sense?

        1. wholeproduction Post author

          I do agree with it yes. but I have to add that the piece of life we get is indeed ours. whether we make the best or worst out of it is up to us. We have to give more than we take over all 🙂


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