Daredevil (season 1 review)


So I just finish watching season two of the show and I wanted to give my thoughts on it. It just dawn on me then that I never even talked about the first season. So to catch you up on how the first season was like, I decided to review the first season. Now i am no critic here and what i say about this show is my complete bias opinion. What I am about to say may be considered to be a a not so popular view but it is my opinion on the show’s first season only not the second. I will do a separate review for the second season eventually. I want to know what thought of the show so if you have watched it leave me a comment 🙂

PLOT: Okay to me the best way to describe this whole show based on it’s plot would be boring!!! it’s not like the premise of it is really, but rather they execution of it was boring.  lawyer-by-day Matt Murdock use his heightened senses from being blinded as a young boy to fight crime at night on the streets of New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood as Daredevil. That to me sounds like the best premise ever. How do you make something so cool so boring you might ask?  it’s by giving it the slowest pacing ever. Some episodes would have very pumped up as to what was going to happen next (like episode 6& 7). Those two episodes by the way are still my favorite episode in the show by the way.  But the rest of the show except for the flashy ending, remains mostly boring to me. This is a result of the show trying so hard to be so edgy by taking the noir HBO style kind of pace. This didn’t always work out so well. To give credit here it worked on some scenes like the dialogues Wilson have were simply chilling. When ever they tried the same thing with any other character (even mat) I felt like getting my pillow and sleep. Which bring me to another point. The dialogue weren’t that good. They were just boring and slow to me. Now I feel like you might think i hated the plot over all, I didn’t. I would have hate it completely if Wilson Fisk didn’t make up for the terrible pace with awesome monologues. to me it would be like a 5/10.

Cinematography/Directing: I had to put in this section just so I could discus how bad the shows cinematography was. To sum it up the show was way too dark, literally…from the first scene I struggled to see what was going on most of the time because it was mostly pitch back on the night scene. I was so bad that I thought it was my computer’s brightness sucks but  when it was on my phone the result was still the same. It because a major problem since most of the cool fight scene takes place at night which you couldn’t see most of the time what was going on. So for that I give this bit a 2/10.

Characters: What I hated about season one more was what everyone else seemed to love about it…Wilson Fisk. Now don’t get me wrong it has nothing to do with the actor’s skills or looks but rather the way they wrote the character to be. He is suppose to be this really smart guy who always get what he wants. he is smart clam and collected. But at the same time they try to pass him off pass him off as this really emotional, hot head, and impulsive reckless, mess of a criminal. This is what I call conflicting character traits. A guy like him would have never made it far in the criminal world. Let’s view him as a low life criminal trying to make his way up the scale. During said time he would need to make a few deals to rise up the scale but what if while he was making the deal the person he is about to make a deal to said some comment he deemed to be personal. he would go ahead and kill said criminal. Do you know what would happen next? No one in the criminal world would want to work with a guy like that. He would have been famous or infamous as the guy who is want too sensitive and mentally unstable to keep any end of his deal. Being a kingpin is all about making contacts with he right people to rule but this guy is uncap-able of doing that. He is way too over sensitive about stuff. A smart leader is all about putting your emotional feeling aside and focus on the goal. As a character he makes no sense because you cant be smart and coning and emotionally unstable at the same time, it just makes no sense. I know it sound like i hate Wilson but i don’t. He is such an interesting character and had to pretty much carry the show on his back. I like all of the characters like mat (the best daredevil ever). Matt did a good job honestly, he is like the second best after Fisk. I liked Foggy, Karen and everyone else they had. another Character I really didn’t like what they do with Ben. I personally find his character pretty useless. They make it seem like he was going to be this very important piece in the puzzle when in the end he amounted to nothing. If he wasn’t in the show no one would even notice. If you haven’t watch the show yet you will not know what I mean. Over all I give the characters a 7.5/10.


Overall honestly the first season wasn’t all that bad, it had a decent plot (although boring at times), and great characters (for the most part). The pacing and cinematography is what really killed the show. Then the likable yet unrealistic villain is the second worst thing. This show is a lot of fun if you are in the comic book or into the noir type of action. This show isn’t as nearly as good as most critic say it is. It isn’t bad depending on your taste and it can be very bad depending on your taste. I give this season over all so i give it a  5.5/10. for anyone who isn’t a geek like me i would give it a 4/10. I hope you enjoy this review and was I too harsh on this show or too easy? Let me know what you guys think of this show if you watched it or plan to.  Let me know if you want me review something else for you guys 🙂


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