Capricious Calculations

Formulas to measure the erratic, the unknown,
Variables to hold values that violate the rules,
Symbols to add and subtract mystery from mist,
Equations to rectify the revelation of vespers,
Calculations of a cruel and capricious nature,
Mathematics to measure out the unpredictable,

Mapping out numbers of an imaginary sort,
Fractions to show the fragmentation of reality,
Such is the nature of quantum conundrums,
That which cannot exist may come to fruition,
That which cannot be is begotten out of spite,
Quantum chaos a vessel for unpredictability,

And still the humans try to measure and map,
Applying their mathematics to solve a question
that has undulated since the very dawn of time,
Trying again and again to adjust their formulas,
Rendering a name upon that which is nameless,
Striving in such vain to predict the unpredictable,


BY: Hegemony


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