The critics

Every one has critics because everyone is a critic. Whether you love, or hate them, you are bound to meet them at some point in life. But I got to tell you not all critics are created equal. People will criticize you for different reasons. Some for better, some for worst and some for just because. And now I will list the tree kind of critics people you will generally meet in life.

The Haters: You have probably heard this kind of person if you spend a lot of time on the internet or, if are around teenagers a lot. The word is pretty much self explanatory. A hater is someone one who criticize you because they don’t like you. Now why they don’t like you can one in a million reason. Sometimes it is because they genuinely hates your actions. Sometimes they hate you because you have something they don’t (jealousy). Sometimes it is because they hate you to make themselves feel better about something they done so hating you is the ultimate excuse to avoid guilt. For example, if I bomb my next test and my friend pass his I probably will hate him for being such a nerd or something. Because hating him makes me feel better better about my failure by making him the problem not me. This word is usually referred to someone who trash talk another because they hate them for some unrelated reason they say they hate said person, but this isn’t always the case. For example I hate my slow computer. there is no deeper meaning  behind other the the fact i hate when I am in a hurry and I can’t finish my work on time simply because my computer is to darn slow.

The Though Lover:  Not to be confuse with a verbally abusive friend. This person criticize you simple to see you do better. I consider those people as my true supporters because they just want you to do better. Some do this a nicer way then other but yeah it usually is for the same reason. My mom for example was and still is my biggest critic. She is always has something to say on everything I do. I may come off as a negative at first but me and her knows that is something she does to make me too better. A lot of us has those kind of critics but a lot of time we usually dismiss them by thinking they are just another hater. This is a mistake I use to make a lot personally because I don’t usually take criticism so well. Well I am a lot better now i really regret not taking constructive criticism a lot sooner.

The Troll: This person criticize you just because they can. They will judge you just because they are bored and feel like there is nothing better to do. They do all to see your reaction.  Sometimes they will just make fun of you. they could go out of their way to neat pick the randomness thing you do criticize you about. This person criticize you for sports and there are sometimes no reasons for it. Those sometimes happen online a lot and can just be dismiss as some hoax. while this seems harmless it is done repetitively it can be come bullying.


I think it is a very important part of life to know how to deal with critics. I usually take all kind of criticism whether you said it to help me or not. Criticism always help us improve so love your critics, Happy Monday 🙂


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