Thoughts of nostalgia drift through his consciousness,
Flickerings of flighty feelings stirring up from her core,
A deep breath to fill up her lungs with bittersweet wind,
Smells of roasted meat and roots flooding her nostrils,
Upon that wind comes the sounds of children playing,
Beneath her feet comes the tickling of rich, loamy soil,

After years of being taken by an unbounded wanderlust,
Wandering and wondering and wishing for adventuring,
Roaming to and fro in search of a whispering treasure,
But finally she has found that single greatest discovery,
Waiting for her right back at where this story all began,
Inside the large and cozy house nestled on a large hill,

A warm smile spreading across the surface of her face,
Slumbering memories tickled, poked at, made to stir up,
Closing her eyes, seeing her childhood self busy at play,
Watched over by her mother as she wander those hills,
Teased by brothers every so often, to her annoyance,
Snuggling up with her father on his favorite easy chair,

Now she has grown up, tempered by many disasters,
Sleeping outdoors during the chilling freeze of winter,
Yearning for food as her stomach gurgled and growled,
Robbed and beaten, exploring cities filled with crimes,
Her tough exterior concealing a sweet and gentle soul,
A soul so ready to embrace the family she left behind,

Though she saw and smelled and heard of many things,
From virgin forests to waterfalls that defy all description,
From vast mountain valleys with lush grass and flowers
to deep and dark caves that seemed to descend forever,
Haunting highs and lows, canyons and mountain ranges,
Deserts and dunes alive with swirling and dancing sands,

Exhausted, she drops the backpack weighing her down,
A backpack filled with treasures from years of journeying,
She looks towards the house nestled upon a mighty hill,
Her brothers with children, nieces and nephews perhaps?
Overwhelmed by a thought that her family could change,
Wondering if they’d remember her, if they’d still love her,

Then the brothers behold her and their faces transform,
Joy and surprise twinkling in their eyes as they shout out,
“Tabby, oh dear Tabby, our little sister has returned at last!”
They run towards her with their children toddling behind,
Embracing her as tears of jubilation pry their way forward,
Guiding her towards the house on the hill for a homecoming.

BY: Hegemony


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