Slumber whispers, “It’s my time to flee,”
Her voice summoned a cascade of desolation.
The flame of my soul no longer burns to perpetuity…
But rather melts down the fleshy wax which preserves it.

“Time’s running out!” the walls echoed.
My ears perceive the hollow thunder
Of the coldness it predominates.

The sunless beams drift in with a chilling rumble,
Their arms fold onto my run-down frame
and chain around my winded soul.
Stealthy yet plain, they engulf me…
Their clasp chime with in the silent screams
That flow through my bloodstream.

“Hold it firm!” they say as they chime.
The smell of confinement all around confronts my aspiration;
I can see the light dim in the twilight from the sullen sky,
Beckoning the end of it all.

They all cry, they all laugh,
Shrilling through the windswept darkness
When a soft stream of lunar-light falls upon,
And my breath shortly revives.

“Let me go!” cries my soul.
The fire can no longer ignite my entity.
Now I wait here motionless, to meet my last dawn
and bid my last day a farewell…
As the knots in smoke smother the flame,
When the last tear from my eyes drop.


BY: Solitary Star


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