His hazel eyes flashed with the flickering of frustration,
Molars grinding down upon molars, jaw muscles tense,
Open flies his mouth and forth comes a deluge of words,

He refuses to agree and he refuses to compromise at all,
He balks at the very thought of yielding to these opinions,
How dare they try to stage an “intervention” on his behalf!

He doesn’t have a single problem, he reckons to himself,
He hasn’t killed anyone and he hasn’t done any damage,
So what if he happens to indulge and partake quite a bit?

There comes a metamorphosis: from frustration into rage,
He continues to argue and resist and he refuses to agree,
He sees no need to compromise at all on what he’s doing,

The family all sits ’round a stubborn, intransigent bastard,
They’re determined as they beg for him to consider reason,
But instead he gets angry and he refuses to listen to them,

Minutes mutate into hours and not even a scrap of progress,
The tension is so palpable, so stiflingly strong and stagnant,
Eyes dart to and fro, surveying the large, rustic living room,

Except for him, for he is a man with a plan, cunning and sly,
And he sees an opportunity that is just too good to pass up,
So he plans his words carefully, utilizing his internal anger,

Some within the family want for him to stop completely cold,
Others contemplate that a mere reduction would also suffice,
He realizes this and he plays both sides against each other,

And just like that, intransigence births forth a scalding wrath,
Voices rise into shouting, many tears of frustration are shed,
Fists are waved menacingly and angry spittle is flying forth,

Suddenly, amidst all the chaos, he starts to smile to himself,
Laughing at his family, watching as they turn on themselves,
Intransigence causing hot tempers to flair up into a firestorm,

He reckons that angering other people is just too much fun,
So what if he likes to ruffle up a few feathers here and there?
After all, some men just want to watch the world burn away,


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