4 thoughts on “1 down, 19 more to go. Who do you think deserves an Oscar?

  1. cindy knoke

    EXACTLY! I saw Revenant last night. What a terrible movie with a stereotypical and negative grizzly portrayal, DiCaprio’s acting consisted of grunts and crawling around, a ruined renaissance painting filled church in the middle of the American frontier, and this ridiculous rebirth scene out of the dead horse with the nude DiCaprio. The symbolism was elementary, the acting non-existant. The only good thing in the movie was the locations and cinematography. And give me a break, DiCaprio endured “hardship” filming in beautiful Bow Valley by the Fairmont Lake Louise, and in Ushuaia, one of the most beautiful and comfortable places on earth. What a Hollywood joke.
    Whatever happened to Ed Norton. He has talent and unlike DiCaprio he is true environmentalist.

    1. wholeproduction Post author

      Yep. Leonardo is a very Good actor to me but This movie was uncalled for. I think in order to win an Oscar these days you have to do all of that over acting fill with gore and cliche about nature. Apparently these days if you don’t play in those kind of movie you will not win an Oscar. I happen to like Ed Norton a lot better too 🙂


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