Monthly Archives: April 2016

Denali, Mountain High


See the mountain looming tall, reaching for the sky,
Listen as the wind blows past, hear the mountain sigh,
Spirit of the earth and wind and guardian of all,
Rising up above the land to stand so proud and tall,
The snow-capped peak its silver crown,
the wilderness its velvet gown,
Sentinel of blessed liberty,
the gloried one that is Denali,
See the mountain reaching for the sky?
The one they call Denali, Mountain High!

Trees of pine and rocks of rime, wild gushing streams,
Clouds of white and stars so bright, gentle sunlight beams,
See the eagle as he flies across the yonder blue,
See the way that he salutes the rugged mountain true,
The lightning crack its bright rejoice,
the thunder clap its booming voice,
Pinnacle of power strong and free,
the righteous one that is Denali,
See the one that bridges earth and sky?
The humbled one: Denali, Mountain High!

Beasts of earth and birds of wing, fish of many hues,
Massive cliffs and golden grass, sights to see and muse,
Up it rises from the land, across the valley broad,
A spectacle of great allure, a view that’s never flawed,
A fine portrait of paradise
so sheltered from man’s greedy vice,
Guarded by one oh so gallantly,
the justly one that is Denali,
See the ancient one that mystifies?

The great and vested one they call Denali, Mountain High!


BY: Hegemony

Technicolor Eyes

I knew you were a Dream-Weaver
the moment I saw your rainbow eyes,
Technicolor eyes,
Such a prismatic prize,
You transform fantasy into reality,
Possessing the power of Destiny,
Together we shall float through
a colorful dreamscape
of serendipity.

BY: Hegemony


Time is fast,
Rushing past,
Can’t keep up,
But I just
won’t give up,

Mind racing fast,
just won’t last,

Lacking in
One fraction
of the whole
that is Me.

BY: Hegemony