Almost Normal

“Normal” to me is a theatrical performance,
A series of actors all following this script,
They follow it to the letter without care,
They are quick to punish any deviation,
Hounding and harping upon every mistake,
The script is the magical key to “Normal”,

But my script is missing quite a few pages,
It’s not my fault when I inevitably falter,
I learn as I go but I still manage to slip-up,
Having to memorize what to do and when,
A manual process quite prone to failure,
But such is life when you end up autistic,

Some autistics have more script than others,
I’m quite lucky to have even what I do have,
Some will never manage a good performance,
To them, social theater is quite torturous,
They shy away when it’s their time to shine,
Slinking back into the shadow of the curtains,

I’m starting to appreciate my performance,
And yes, there is something I have learned,
Sometimes it’s rather fun to just improvise!
Still, I’m slowly learning the part that I play,
Even if it takes me much longer than others,
Such is life when you are “almost normal”.




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