Advent of a New Year

And so the grand clock of time ticks down,
A behemoth of a clock that measures out
the passage of an entire and singular year,

Each hour marks the passage of a month,
Minute hand and hour hand ticking away,
And so now “Midnight” fast approaches,

We are left to stand upon the precipice of
a new and fresh year, caught ever so fast
between one clock cycle and the next one,

There’s a part of us that clings to the past,
Wishing, wondering whether time could
reverse itself, like a tiny little wind-up toy,

But there’s also a part of us looking ahead
to the coming future, excitement building
within the heart like a gathering tempest,

Terror and delight blended ’til it becomes
quite impossible to tell what from which,
And so we all anticipate what is inevitable,

The grand clock striking upon Midnight,
The chiming of clock bells for a new year,
Out with the old and in with what is new.

BY:ย Hegemony


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