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Schöne Deutschland ~

I have purchased a German Laptop.
At least the keyboard has the umlaut.

I had to download my Sony photo editing software in German which is not easy.

But hey, my German vocabulary is rapidly improving!
Check out the gorgeous Rhine and some scenes from beautiful Germany in mid-November.
Wurtzberg and the river Main.

Germany is lovely in late fall.

Cheers um Sie aus Deutschland!

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Blogwards (third edition…or is it second?)

Welcome to the second (or probably third) edition of the Blogwards!! Okay let me first address the fast that I am calling it ? Bloggwards this year, because you probably thought i was a typing mistake. I know I make lots of those mistakes but this one isn’t. I know it may sound a little cliche but I like it so I don’t care. 🙂 I had originally decided not to do any this year since i barely posted anything but because of the cool blogs in here that helped me a lot this year I decided to go along with it….There was a lot names to be mention but those are the 5 best bloggers I felt like best represented their categories, at least for me anyways…so without anymore staling here are my 5 micks 🙂


Best blog art award goes to  Elenacaravela’s Blog. She has some really great painting people! she is one of the blogs you look at and wish you were this awesomely talented 😀 That is why I chose her…You can check her stuff right here

The most informative blog award goes to ArcaneHalloween. I know he only post about comic book related stuff but he does a really good job at at it!!! he is the guy you to for all comic book news that matters, especially if you happen to be a DC fan 🙂 That to me is information so he was the blogger that captivated me this year 🙂 you can follow his stuff by going on this link right here

The best food blog award goes to SCHNIPPELBOY. As a foodie myself trust me when I say this guy is good.  He post a lot of healthy stuff too. Unlike most blogs food who only post junk food he takes time to post healthy things 😉 not that I don’t like junk food, trust me I do! It’s just that sometimes is hard to find something delicious and healthy at the same time these day 🙂 you can see all of his delicious stuff right here

The best photographer award goes to none other than leylagarza A.K.A. I lost my lens cap.. A.K.A. Leyla. I know photography is art but I made it a different category  because there are some great bloger like her i have always wanted to mention. I have been following this blogger for long enough fr me to say that she doesn’t disappoint!!! Her photos are always amazing and looks better than the previous one. you can follow all of good stuff right here


And now for most subjective award of them all….the best blogger of the year award goes to *insert intense drum roll here*…S.D. GATES!!! I bet she didn’t even expect to be my number one blogger this year 😛 the reason why I chose her is because she is everything I wish to be as blogger that i am not as of now…She post regularly unlike me, she post good stuff people actually want to read all the time unlike me and finally she always support all of her followers unlike me 😛 She is all around a great blogger 🙂 S.D. your support has really helped me a lot this year so thank you my dear friend 🙂 you can follow her cool post right here


So yeah this was my Blogward this year 🙂 I can’t believe that I already made 3 of those awards  already!!! or is this the second one? I going to say third because it sounds better 😛 Thank you each and everyone on you guys that supported my blog in any shape way or from this year. It means a lot 🙂 I mean it! every like comment views, shares and even shootouts made it it worth while for me here 🙂 I know i said it already but I have to say it again as the last day of 2015 comes to an end…Happy 2016 🙂

Advent of a New Year

And so the grand clock of time ticks down,
A behemoth of a clock that measures out
the passage of an entire and singular year,

Each hour marks the passage of a month,
Minute hand and hour hand ticking away,
And so now “Midnight” fast approaches,

We are left to stand upon the precipice of
a new and fresh year, caught ever so fast
between one clock cycle and the next one,

There’s a part of us that clings to the past,
Wishing, wondering whether time could
reverse itself, like a tiny little wind-up toy,

But there’s also a part of us looking ahead
to the coming future, excitement building
within the heart like a gathering tempest,

Terror and delight blended ’til it becomes
quite impossible to tell what from which,
And so we all anticipate what is inevitable,

The grand clock striking upon Midnight,
The chiming of clock bells for a new year,
Out with the old and in with what is new.

BY: Hegemony

I am still alive!!!

Okay  while i try my best to apologize for my absence i also want to thank those who supported me during my absence 🙂 My ADHD took a level on me this year it never had before…that was one of the reason why it took me forever to post anything. to make matters worst i broke my laptop’s screen and got a super nasty virus on it that basically took my laptop out. Even as i am writing this post now it still is super slow due to the virus’s long lasting effects. being broke this whole year was the nightmare i knew was to come but have always pretended that things will be fine. I lost my old job and took me basically took me this whole year to a new one. If all that wasn’t already enough trouble for me, school as always made everything worst. because of financial issues I barely made the semesters this year!!! The class weren’t easy obviously but I want to say this…ADHD and school are the perfect combination for a person to never have time to do anything…ever. I am serous there are some days i even go on with out eating all day because of the stress and the day dreaming. I am sorry people but this one of my most wasted years yet :/ I am sorry for not being for this bog this year 😦 I wish i can make some half heart promise to do better next year but i can’t…I will be posting again but there wont be a fix schedule of fixed program anymore. I will be whenever i get the chance. Thank you for all of you who gave this blog meaning, thank you for liking, commenting, sharing, reading watching, the stuff i have posted so far. That is more than i could ever ask for 🙂 I will be posting a few stuff before the year ends but that is all i have to say for today. The good news is that I am alive and I thank God for that…the worst has past 🙂