God’s Paintbrush

As Autumn comes ’round for this revision,
God wields His paintbrush with precision,
Emerald leaves take on hues of crisp gold,
Oranges and reds are mixed in to look bold,
Nature becomes a canvas, willing and ready,
Prepared to receive God’s paints ever steady,
Strokes and splashes of color here and there,
As the smell of wood burning fills the air,

Autumn is when God shows off for all to see,
Wielding His great paintbrush oh-so-calmly,
Autumn becomes a festive time of the year,
With God’s handiwork shinning forth clear,
Autumn is a season when leaves are painted,
Nothing is amiss and nothing is ever tainted,
Autumn is uplifted into a stunning season,
Colored right, it stands out for good reason.

BY: Hegemony

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