Rising to Glory

The world tried its absolute hardest to break me
but I found courage inside and I got stronger,
Crushed beneath the hard heel of a cold society
for long years, now I am oppressed no longer,

They said I would not amount to anything in life
and they claimed that I would struggle and fail,
Agony cut deep into my foundations and strife
scoured itself into the fabric of my ripped sails,

Titanic hands snatched hold of my fragile mind
and ripped it asunder for all of the world to see,
People shook their heads at what they did find
and wrote me off as a failure doomed to misery,

Inside I fought to survive, fought not to drown
in this ocean of despair and chilling conformity,
Instead of flying higher, I was fast going down
on a trajectory that seemed to predict calamity,

Just when it seemed to me that all hope was gone,
God reached down and pulled me from the abyss,
He set me on the firmament of faith, a new dawn
rising upon me, light filling me up with sweet bliss,

God put a pen into my hands and gave me a gift
where my words would resonate ‘cross the earth,
He told me to tell my story and mended the rift
that cleaved my heart open, restoring its worth,

Yesterday I was broken, today I’m a new creation
and I have never felt so alive and awake before,
Yesterday I was nothing, today I’m a new sensation,
I survived abuse and torment, strong to the core,

My wrath has been soothed, my guilt absolved
and I can greet each new day with happiness,
Instead of breaking apart, I dared to evolve,
I am rising to glory in my faith and in newness.

BY: Hegemony

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