Capricious King

He regales in the whispering
of his royal court,
Nervous energy charging
through the air,
People watching him with
anxiousness in their eyes,

The king dallies and dabbles
in one fancy after another,
Changing his mind
and his attitude at will,
Keeping his court and
his loyal subjects on edge,

First, he enamored himself
with horse racing,
But then changed his mind
and took to the art of arrows,
Now, he demands to be
entertained by men with
tricks up their sleeves,

They all watch as the jester
juggles his balls and tries
to get the king to smile,
And the king teases the court
and the jester with an
expression that is neither
a smile nor a frown,

Will he react with anger
or with subtle glee?
No one ever dares to
predict how he will react,
For this king is capricious
and also quite cunning,

Finally, he gives the smile
that lets the jester heave a
huge sigh of relief,
As do the people of the
court and the guards,
There will be no mess
to clean up today.



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