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Praying in Rhyme

My Lord, my God, to you I do pray
that I will be able to face this new day,
To You I pray that I will be strong
and I will resist that which is wrong,

My Lord, my God, to you I do pray
that I will always know what to say,
This new day may have challenges
but I will be blessed with chances,

My Lord, my God, to you I do pray
that You’ll hold the darkness at bay,
No matter the turmoil, I can know
that You’re with me wherever I go.

My Lord, my God, to you I do pray
that away from you I shall not stray,
Keep me on the straight and narrow,
Send me true like a well-shot arrow.

BY: Hegemony

God’s Paintbrush

As Autumn comes ’round for this revision,
God wields His paintbrush with precision,
Emerald leaves take on hues of crisp gold,
Oranges and reds are mixed in to look bold,
Nature becomes a canvas, willing and ready,
Prepared to receive God’s paints ever steady,
Strokes and splashes of color here and there,
As the smell of wood burning fills the air,

Autumn is when God shows off for all to see,
Wielding His great paintbrush oh-so-calmly,
Autumn becomes a festive time of the year,
With God’s handiwork shinning forth clear,
Autumn is a season when leaves are painted,
Nothing is amiss and nothing is ever tainted,
Autumn is uplifted into a stunning season,
Colored right, it stands out for good reason.

BY: Hegemony

Fragments of Sorrow

Shifting shards of shadow,
Swiftly streaming sorrow,
Fracturing of the firmament,
A cracking of the conscience,
Precarious pieces plummeting,
Shattered straight into silence,
Tepid and trembling testimony,
A mouth mumbling mystery,
Sweet seeds of a seeping story,
Melodies of meat and marrow,
Mourning for the morrow,
Such fragments of sorrow.

BY: Hegemony

Rising to Glory

The world tried its absolute hardest to break me
but I found courage inside and I got stronger,
Crushed beneath the hard heel of a cold society
for long years, now I am oppressed no longer,

They said I would not amount to anything in life
and they claimed that I would struggle and fail,
Agony cut deep into my foundations and strife
scoured itself into the fabric of my ripped sails,

Titanic hands snatched hold of my fragile mind
and ripped it asunder for all of the world to see,
People shook their heads at what they did find
and wrote me off as a failure doomed to misery,

Inside I fought to survive, fought not to drown
in this ocean of despair and chilling conformity,
Instead of flying higher, I was fast going down
on a trajectory that seemed to predict calamity,

Just when it seemed to me that all hope was gone,
God reached down and pulled me from the abyss,
He set me on the firmament of faith, a new dawn
rising upon me, light filling me up with sweet bliss,

God put a pen into my hands and gave me a gift
where my words would resonate ‘cross the earth,
He told me to tell my story and mended the rift
that cleaved my heart open, restoring its worth,

Yesterday I was broken, today I’m a new creation
and I have never felt so alive and awake before,
Yesterday I was nothing, today I’m a new sensation,
I survived abuse and torment, strong to the core,

My wrath has been soothed, my guilt absolved
and I can greet each new day with happiness,
Instead of breaking apart, I dared to evolve,
I am rising to glory in my faith and in newness.

BY: Hegemony


Today is a brand new day,
Full of new beginnings,
Oh, what a treasure it is
that we are gifted with
another chance at life,

Just remember, that no
two days are truly alike,
This day will bring with it
new opportunities and new
inspiration, if you pay
attention that is,

Stop and smell the roses,
And the daffodils too,
Take a look around you
and appreciate what you
have been given,

Never give into the toxic
temptation of “redundancy”,
Keep your eyes and your
mind open and ready,
You never know what’ll happen,

After all,
Today is a brand new day.

BY: Hegemony

Capricious King

He regales in the whispering
of his royal court,
Nervous energy charging
through the air,
People watching him with
anxiousness in their eyes,

The king dallies and dabbles
in one fancy after another,
Changing his mind
and his attitude at will,
Keeping his court and
his loyal subjects on edge,

First, he enamored himself
with horse racing,
But then changed his mind
and took to the art of arrows,
Now, he demands to be
entertained by men with
tricks up their sleeves,

They all watch as the jester
juggles his balls and tries
to get the king to smile,
And the king teases the court
and the jester with an
expression that is neither
a smile nor a frown,

Will he react with anger
or with subtle glee?
No one ever dares to
predict how he will react,
For this king is capricious
and also quite cunning,

Finally, he gives the smile
that lets the jester heave a
huge sigh of relief,
As do the people of the
court and the guards,
There will be no mess
to clean up today.



Eyes on the prize,
Trying to realize
a long-held goal,
Resisting the toll,
Keeping strong,
Fighting all along,
Goals held tight,
Not taking flight,

Fierce to the end,
‘Round the bend
awaits the success
of winning no less
than the victory
of sweet reality,

Goals made real,
Serendipity’s seal
on a life led well,
Such a story to tell
when goals great
and small create
such halcyon bliss
Nothing amiss.

BY: Hegemony

Vector to the Heavens

The girl collapses into his arms,
Eyes welling up with gentle tears,
Telling him it’s better this way,
Telling him he did the right thing,
This was their last confrontation,
Their very last struggle together,

Her smile begins to fade away as
he weeps tears of confused pain,
Brushing her hair back, holding her
close as she slowly begins to die,
With her last few breaths, she
reminds him of a dark promise,

She had promised him a sacrifice,
For it was by fate’s cruel hand that
only one of them could even exist,
They were both remnants of the
same person, fragmented pieces
of one persona and one mentality,

Only with her death could their
fractured memories be complete,
Only with her death could they
become one and the same again,
She begins to turn into pure light,
offering him such futile comfort,

Slowly, her body crystallizes and
she drifts off into the night sky,
Becoming but one faceted light
among so many jeweled stars,
Even as her memories merged
with his, he cried out for her,

Such was her courage in the face
of an unspeakable and cruel fate,
This was her final act, a last gift
bestowed to a now grieving friend,
She had charted a vector to the
heavens before they’d even met.

BY: Hegemony