Intangible Word

How can I resist the lure of the penumbrae?
Exchanging morsels with an illuminated umbra,
The open bluster beckons with words: “Why Not?”
I see them etched and scoured, born and begot,
Antiquity and brevity: both are the Intangible Word,
The acrid ambiance leaving me demurred,

Oh what in all manner is this Intangible Word?
Speaking in whispers that are never heard,
The epitome of unknowns and uncertainty,
Quantum questions and musing mystery,
A cadence brought forth in resplendent strife,
Cutting through the brume like a subtle knife,

Dare I seek the baleful banter of the unknown?
Do I allow myself to be beguiled all alone,
Weathered words hissed from aphonic lips,
Arcane knowledge dancing at frosty fingertips,
Or dare I not to countenance the thought
and be comforted by what science has wrought?

BY: Hegemony

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