Broken Chains

Straining, struggling to hold up,
Even as fate tugs and pulls at them,
Brass links forming a sturdy chain,
Fighting back against cruel hands,
Hands that seek to destroy them,
Hands dictated by enraged hearts,

And those enraged hearts all pump
the corrosive blood of corruption,
Seeking, searching, eager to rip and
tear asunder the brass links of men
and women and children all alike,
For no one escapes those dark hands,

Straining, struggling hard to resist,
Even as corruption seeks the weak,
Snapping and snipping and knowing
that a chain is only as strong as its
weakest link, and so dark sin dictates,
Decimating all of them accordingly,

Straining, struggling to maintain
the fight, even as the weakest link
gives way, leaving the chain broken,
The remaining links fight corrosion,
Even as all seems to be hopeless,
The broken chains do not give up,

Corruption grows ever frustrated,
Asking why they won’t surrender,
The links reply that so long as they
fight, that they will burn with hope,
And even as corruption fights hard,
The broken chains never surrender,

Even in their beaten, broken state,
they hold in their hearts the truth:
To have the flame of hope is to
have something worth fighting for,


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