A Box of Virtues

Hope, faith, peace, and liberty,
Courage, justice, and integrity,
Thus where the words written
upon a box, small and wooden,

Leadership and Democracy,
Home, vision, and prosperity,
A box of virtues sitting there,
Filled up to the brim with air,
Empty and void of all things,
This tepid shadow that sings,

United we stand, such is true,
Divided we fall, nothing new,
But the boxes will stay empty,
‘Til we fill it up with empathy,

Empathy births forth morality,
Both compassion and sympathy,
That box will become of virtue
only when we fill it with the glue
that binds us as a community,
Only then will it have morality.


4 thoughts on “A Box of Virtues

  1. SD Gates

    I read this poem several times. It was quite intense and so true. I think that is why we are kind of falling apart as a nation, because no one seems to have the sense of community and empathy for other people’s plights anymore. Perhaps we are all so busy struggling to keep afloat – we don’t have any left over for our neighbors.

    1. wholeproduction Post author

      You are very right my friend…The life style we life never give us a chance to stop and look around us and to see other people tan our-self. thank you for commenting 🙂


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