This world is full of men and women gone numb,
Numbed to the emotional pain gushing inside of them,
Weeping, weary hearts ignoring and playing dumb,
They are blind and with deafened ears to the mayhem,

Inside of their minds, the voice of Ignorance reins,
Whispering to them, telling them to always look away,
Tricking them with false bliss ’til they ignore the strains
of a society rotting away, disillusion governing the day,

They can’t see the children that wander lost and alone,
They can’t hear the cries of the vulnerable and prone,
Young ones betrayed by the will of the subconscious,
For they see violence and they mimic such bleakness,

Empathy lays upon her death bed, sickened and weak,
Unable to stop her evil twin as Ignorance leaves a bleak
and blackened world in his wake, driving people apart,
Digging his crimson claws right into the world’s heart,

How can we show virtue if there is no connection left?
We cut ourselves off and the flowing of Empathy ceases,
Fellow human beings become victims to the cruel theft
of dignity, humanity decaying as Ignorance increases.

Done is the day where neighbors spoke with each other,
Gone are the bonding memories between child and father,
Gone are the family, the community, the links of destiny,
And we wonder why we trample one another with cruelty?



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