Si Nou Te Konnen Sa Lom Te Ye-Revelation Mizik


23 thoughts on “Si Nou Te Konnen Sa Lom Te Ye-Revelation Mizik

  1. SD Gates

    I love this!!! Sitting out on my patio with my husband and my dogs, watching the sun set and listening to the sprinklers in the background (it is our day to water), the air is cooling as a small breeze has come through, can smell the Jasmine and the Angel Trumpet in the evening air – almost feel like I am on some kind of Caribbean vacation. Thank-you!!!!!!

      1. SD Gates

        I really do enjoy them. It fascinates me that there is all this amazing music out there I know nothing about.. I don’t know how to post videos but one I would post to you in return is ‘Summertime’ by Billy Stewart. You should check it out. He was an amazing artist!!!!

        1. wholeproduction Post author

          I just did. I going to take to enjoy his stuff. good music is always best when you listen to them slow you know? And yeah there are a lot of Good music out there, especially in the west indies. What I like about a lot of those guys is that they actually enjoy what they do and they have a passion for it. They are not like a lot of pop artist you hear in America 😛

          1. SD Gates

            I hate the pop music over here. Never listen to it. Always looking for different stuff. Stick to Jazz, Big Band, Chopin, Van Morrison etc (I know, kind of eclectic tastes). I like the West Indies stuff too!!! Love French music too.

                    1. SD Gates

                      My pleasure. I am always excited when I see your avatar show up in the Reader, because I know it is going to be something really cool!!!!

  2. deutschtrailer

    Could you in WordPress setting the likes show on the home site.
    Would be much better and faster to liken …. 🙂

    View buttons in the WordPress settings (sharing) and boxes in all 4 hook inserts …. 🙂


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