Start From to the End

Some memories start from  the end,
Long back smile stories, speaks the same land

Shattered hopes and efforts speaks the tears,
When feeling your least breath was the only fear.

Your last was was equal to a tone,
You looked back to never to return.

You said you loosen the grip
Just for me to hold the strip

You were the beautiful dream I dreamed,
I woke up was a nightmare to watch grey rooms and grims

Like the last time, I won’t beg you to stay,
Because now all that’s left is to watch you dance with sunray

The stars will burn and heaven’s gonna cry,
As you walk by and I pick the blade to try.

Tonight, this wine’s gonna make sense,
In the memories of your beautiful lst glance.

Eyes gonna bleed and life’s gonna stumble,
As I’ll walk in the castle just to watch it crumble.

Tonight I’m gonna stand higher than this big rock,
And once more find you to open the locks.

I am gonna write your name in my cigarettes puff,
And gonna play the same melody, dance alone and such other stuff.

I am gonna laugh out loud,
like the first time,  when you heard it and stared out at crowd.

Today, again I’m gonna chase destruction,
forget happy endings, I’m gonna start story from fluctuation.

I am gonna enter the era of sadness,
Reminisce your love, hugs and that madness.

It’s for sure you’re not gonna return,
cause’ I’ve seen people walk this path and stories say there’s no U-turn.

I’m gonna start this story from last,
And this story, World’s gonna cast.

Because some memories start from the end,
There are no smile stories, speaks the same land…

By Annabellee read more @


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