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Hopeless Romance

Do you remember when
We were two kids in a playground
Playing hide and seek
Hiding in a sand box
Carving our name on a tree
We kissed then we made out
Claiming your love for me
Growing up without you
You’re still all that I see
Everything that I do
Wishing you were here with me
Friends before lovers
You’re still the man in my dreams
I hope that Love will find you
And bring you to me

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Lethal Enforcers~

My favorite bird of all time.

Four quarts of nectar were being consumed by The Holler Hummers in 48 hours. But now, each two quart bottle of nectar, has it’s own lethal enforcer, who will attack any hummer who tries to feed. So one hummingbird controls 2 quarts of nectar!
The most lethal enforcer is the guy above. You can see he has a malformed beak that he may have gotten in one of his many battles. He is like a capitalist robber barron, hoarding riches he will never be able to consume.
Here is enforcer number two. Both enforcers have visble differences from the other hummers, the beak malformation in number one, and number two is the only black chinned hummingbird at The Holler.
The other hummers snatch nectar when they can, but most have given up and go feed on the flowers. I think they are the smarter ones. Who wants to waste all…

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To Give

I found myself with such a nagging head,
When questioning the stinging of the cost,
To think and see if it would help indeed,
Would paying up belay such an accost?

And then a gilded thought occurred to me,
That maybe there was something to uncover,
To look beyond what weary eyes could see
and find potential that I might discover,

And so I made the countenance to pay,
Becalmed that I had found a sound result,
To lend my money, cherishing the day
when empathy defeated human fault,

I find myself with gratitude’s compression,
The gift of giving stirring up compassion.

By: Hegemony

¿Que por qué no lo olvido?


No será porque no lo intento.
No será porque no pongo empeño.
No será porque cada día me despierto esperando cruzarme con él.
No será porque lo sigo queriendo, pensando y esperando.
No será porque no haya pasado página.
No será porque olvidé como me trató antaño.
No será porque sigo deseando estar a su lado.
Tal vez sí. Es que es tan guapo…

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What was the reason that made her silent forever?
Why nobody knew  she used to cry all overnight.

What was the reason she gave up on her life?
Why nobody knew she was just a little scared.

What was the reason she hanged herself on a rope?
Why nobody noticed the suicide note kept  on her table.

What was the reason she let her best friend leave?
why nobody knew, her best friend was the one living in the mirror.

What was the reason she was always found in dark?
Why nobody knew she love seeing herself in the dark?

What was killing her
What made her so lonely?
What broke her into pieces?

Either it was the game she played wrongly or with a wrong person..

Author: The amazingly talented Annabellee Read more of her amazing words @