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There is this unspoken law
that holds its sway over us,
Dictating that a person who
conforms will be the one to
eventually end up prospering,

This law shapes all of us like
fresh and moist clay, and thus,
We become carved cogs in an
insipid, social machination, cogs
that judge in lieu of fostering,

And when the lemmings end up
tumbling over the rocky cliff,
The individuals are caught up
in the stampede, helpless, their
cries falling upon deafened ears,

And should we follow blindly,
We too will end up cold and stiff,
Time will bring the cogs to rust
over, claiming them back to dust
as conformity is devoured by fear.

By Hegemony follow her @


Love Song

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Love song.. love song
Your music
Is a chaos
Playing in my head
Your melody
Is a torture
Killing me inside
Every rhythm
Is a  knife
Stabbing me
Right through my heart
Please tell me…
Why are you called
Love song
When I can no longer
Feel love ?
Perhaps you’re made
To rip me up.

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Dimensions distorted,
Coruscation contorted,
Fragmentary light
yielding colors assorted,
Luminescent luster,
Methodical muster,
Starlight streaming
through a glass adjuster,
Fastidious founding,
Refraction resounding,
Light galvanized and
ready for propounding.

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Life can seem so harsh sometimes,
Delighting even in cruel paradigms,
A trick here and a mistake there,
Bring such consequences to bear,
And so it surely is a twist of irony,
That I would be forced to see,
How the heart can pine the most,
For an empty and formless ghost
Of an idea that simply cannot be,
No matter how I pray or plea,
The best fruits lie just beyond reach,
As I sit there and marvel at each,
Frustration building like a tidal wave,
As I yearn and grasp and I crave,

Irony is that miserable heartbreak,
Sown from a dream so hollow and fake
That I would drive myself to madness,
Just to taste from that forbidden chalice,
I howl and hound and gnash my teeth,
At the tantalizing fruits I stand beneath,
Til anger erupts from deep down inside,
Molten despair from which I cannot hide,
Because buried therein is the ugly truth,
A truth that has existed since my youth,
Oh how it taunts and how it mocks me,
As life looks on with such sadistic glee,
It is perhaps such a twisted irony,
That “Normal” is what I cannot be.

By Hegemony follow her @

Artist of The Week Time!

This week artist of the week is a very interesting writer from AP. Her pen name is Hegemony, she is has been writing a while and altho she is not an expert at it I think that you might have a fun time reading what she got to offer. She was a victim of child abuse from a very young age. She also suffers from autism and ADHD. She is in my opinion is a very strong woman that has survived on many life’s worst nightmare. She now writes about her struggles and some of the most honest poems I have seen in a while. I hope you guys really enjoys her stuff and share the ones that touched you the most. You can find her poetry right here —> 🙂