Stepping Stones

I reached out in search of role models some time ago
Nice and successful people whom I could look up to,
Against them, I would measure my capacity to grow,
Bettering myself with persistent work, each day anew,

I wanted to one day be just as successful as they were,
So I labored and I toiled, trying and then trying again,
Such that the day I outpaced them passed by in a blur,
So focused on the task was I that I never noticed when,

As I surpassed my goal, a new one simply took its place,
A seamless string of stepping stones passing under me,
Not ’til I looked back did I find the footprints of each space
that I made, my epic journey laid out right there to see,

And as I follow the footsteps of those who came before,
Now others follow the paces that I myself left behind,
Stepping stones leading on to improvement ever more,
So gradual that one may barely notice what they find.

By:Β Hegemony

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