There is this unspoken law
that holds its sway over us,
Dictating that a person who
conforms will be the one to
eventually end up prospering,

This law shapes all of us like
fresh and moist clay, and thus,
We become carved cogs in an
insipid, social machination, cogs
that judge in lieu of fostering,

And when the lemmings end up
tumbling over the rocky cliff,
The individuals are caught up
in the stampede, helpless, their
cries falling upon deafened ears,

And should we follow blindly,
We too will end up cold and stiff,
Time will bring the cogs to rust
over, claiming them back to dust
as conformity is devoured by fear.

ByΒ Hegemony follow her @Β


19 thoughts on “Conformity

  1. perpetualadmin

    It’s a fascinating and true message, especially since I look back on research I’ve done individually concerning freedom of expression and speech and I wonder whether we will be able to defend them in the future.

    …Wow, that was depressing. But the poem makes me grateful to live in the now, where we can write freely, and it made me think.

    And that’s probably what matters.


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