Life can seem so harsh sometimes,
Delighting even in cruel paradigms,
A trick here and a mistake there,
Bring such consequences to bear,
And so it surely is a twist of irony,
That I would be forced to see,
How the heart can pine the most,
For an empty and formless ghost
Of an idea that simply cannot be,
No matter how I pray or plea,
The best fruits lie just beyond reach,
As I sit there and marvel at each,
Frustration building like a tidal wave,
As I yearn and grasp and I crave,

Irony is that miserable heartbreak,
Sown from a dream so hollow and fake
That I would drive myself to madness,
Just to taste from that forbidden chalice,
I howl and hound and gnash my teeth,
At the tantalizing fruits I stand beneath,
Til anger erupts from deep down inside,
Molten despair from which I cannot hide,
Because buried therein is the ugly truth,
A truth that has existed since my youth,
Oh how it taunts and how it mocks me,
As life looks on with such sadistic glee,
It is perhaps such a twisted irony,
That “Normal” is what I cannot be.

By Hegemony follow her @


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