Spring’s Green Glow


When my frozen cheek can’t feel the sun’s light,
I now fear that spring is nowhere in sight.

I now begin to dream of spring’s pleasure.
Dreams fill with the sun’s ray and all of its grandeur.

I find myself longing for a warmer weather.
The kind of warmth that decorates trees with flowers.

No more storms or any of winter’s frozen shows.
I can hear the cheers of a birds’ choir up close.

The time have come for the winter to go,
Because now I want to feel spring green glow.

By: HBO read more @Β http://allpoetry.com/H.B.O.

5 thoughts on “Spring’s Green Glow

  1. milliethom

    Many of us are waiting to ‘feel spring’s green glow’. Thoughts of it It keep us going through the coldest days. Snow is very beautiful but as we get to March, it’s spring we want. πŸ™‚


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