7 Ways To Pursue Humility

Some very good tips

Gospel Relevance

To varying degrees, we all struggle with pride. We may not always thirst for it, but a drink from the fountain of humility is one we all could use.

Humility is not something we’re born with; it is something we must pursue. Though a virtue, the Bible never mentions humility as a spiritual gift. Even those of us among us who are humble must continually fight against arrogance because you never “arrive” with humility; you are always on the journey. To say it another way, you never graduate from the school of humility; we are always in school. And you can only stay enrolled if you are pursuing humility. Otherwise, pride will have you expelled.

But how do we pursue humility? Below are 7 ways:

1) By meditating on the gospel. We are so loved that Jesus was glad to die for us. But we are so wicked that Jesus

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