Convicted – A different side!


Stepping out on lighter earth
the gentle breeze intoxicating
soothing my guilty lungs
not for long though!

Shackled limbs carrying
long tired frame
to the holy gallows;
Deliverance from crime!

The distant freedom seeping in
through the culpable sores
on my fettered body

But the thoughts devoid chains
off to farther lands of amnesty!

As the knot tightens
liberation from rusty manacles
eyes mirroring vast beauty

The last wisp of life
losing crumbs of fatigue
to the grave of humility!


By: Irene Clasper read more of her work @


10 thoughts on “Convicted – A different side!

  1. kait

    Very depressing. Reminds me a bit of sin. Think about it. Someone once lively and untamable, shackled and chained to the ground by sin… Down they are dragged to the pit. The grave of despair. On a positive note: good write πŸ™‚

    1. wholeproduction Post author

      This is actually about a man’s final moment before being hanged. This was inspired by actully event that happened in the writer’s country. Thank you for sharing your thoughts πŸ˜€


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