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Patches of Sanity

Brain nourished with canards

of the world a smudged enigma!



Theories of change being fed

“Man evolved from apes

only to nurture clots of serenity”



Eyeing the humans through

tinted glass

minds robbed of prudence

only souls stinking of covetous tar



Refined vision gestures at

the distorted crumbs of intellect

braided together with doubt

and yes! patches of sanity!


By:Irene Clasper – See more at:–by-Irene-Clasper#sthash.A9mGdWoC.dpuf

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed”

2 Corinthians 9:8

Where is the love?

So Monday I way out all day taking care of some important stuff for my mom. There was a lot of walking involved but I took the train a lot. I got on the D train (since I was coming off Brooklyn) trying to get home when this lady got on the train. She looked really bad, her cloths looked really wormed out and dirty. She then proceeded to ask us for money. She told us that her house had burn and what she was had nothing and was homeless. At the end of her story she was sobbing and all. Me and my mom felt bad but we didn’t have much money on us. As she pass by us to collect money my mom gave her a dollar. There was a bunch of loud mouth tanagers who were making fun of the lady and calling her out. I was really upset at those kids. What is so funny about a homeless lady? Kids these days just don’t have any respects for anyone. They were calling her a fraud and there was even one of them who actually caused her out. Look I not saying here that she wasn’t a fraud. She could have been I am this is NYC we are talking about here. The land of crooks and scammers. But ask yourself this humiliating her really necessary? Even if she was a scammer was she really better off with that money? Those scammers don’t even make as much money as people think. That is the reason why they are scammers in the fist place and why they stay scammer the rest of their lives because they live in poverty. I find myself fortunate enough that when I lose a dollar it doesn’t bother that much. Especially when that dollar is used to feed someone who can’t eat. It doesn’t bother me that much if that person lie to me to get my dollar because at the end of the day who cares how you got the money to feed your family and long as fed them. give that dollar wasn’t going to make me poorer than I already am. Keeping it doesn’t make me richer either. Scammer or not just think the amount of courage it requires to ask a bunch of strangers for money they probably won’t give you. That to me is as humiliating as it should get. When some punk decides to confirm that fear you about being cursed out, things can get as bad a suicide actions. Despite if what people might think most people begging for money aren’t actually scams. That  The facts still remains that 1 in 7 people living in New York suffers from hunger. That’s pretty depressing of you ask me. I am not saying you should be as “giving” as me and give a dollar to those people in the subway but the least you could do is shut your mouth and not humiliate people. I know some people thinks that helping people has to be with money but it’s not necessarily true. You can always volunteer at your local food bank or shelter. Just giving a few hours of you time per week can go a long way. Some people think that living in poverty is a choice have no clue what it’s like not being able to eat anything for dinner. What pissed me off the most if that a lot of people in the working class have all of those myths about poor people who aren’t true at all. Some people seriously think that you get all sort of free stuff from the government. They never bother to ask themselves obvious questions like if it’s so great living on welfare, why are they so many people dying from it? Sometimes I think that nobody cares about people anymore. They worry more about materialistic stuff and other issues that aren’t really all that important. I am dare you whoever you are to prove me wrong. Help somebody in need this month.

Convicted – A different side!


Stepping out on lighter earth
the gentle breeze intoxicating
soothing my guilty lungs
not for long though!

Shackled limbs carrying
long tired frame
to the holy gallows;
Deliverance from crime!

The distant freedom seeping in
through the culpable sores
on my fettered body

But the thoughts devoid chains
off to farther lands of amnesty!

As the knot tightens
liberation from rusty manacles
eyes mirroring vast beauty

The last wisp of life
losing crumbs of fatigue
to the grave of humility!


By: Irene Clasper read more of her work @

RT-Why the hate on immigrants? (Legal Edition)

Before I say anything I would like to make a disclaimer and say that this. I have met some pretty nice Americans in my life so what I am saying here does not apply to Americans everywhere. I have had some people who are really understanding of my situation and were helpful so please don’t take any offense if you know you are not an ignorant. I have been living in the US for quite a while now and I have met all kind of people. One of the most interesting people that stands out to me are the racists and ignorant. Notice that I have put them in two categories because as similar they seem to be they are actually some really heavy differences. Today I going to be talking to all ignorant out there who somehow thinks somehow immigrants here don’t matter. All immigrants matter (even the illegal ones) but today I am all about the legal immigrants. Grab a seat because this might take a while. Some of you ignorant for some reason seem to think that Immigrants have it easy because we only here to take people’s job and live on Federal aid. People these days seems to think only illegal immigrants get treated badly other than “those” people the rest of immigrants got no racial backlash to worry about. I mean, after all, racial oppression is something in the past and we immigrants have it made. Wrong! Do you know how I know that racism is very much alive in these days against immigrants everywhere? It’s because I get the same treatment as illegal immigrants and I am legal! It’s not because just assume I am illegal or anything it’s because in their eyes it don’t really matter. You got those defensive racist telling you that they have nothing against immigrants they just mind the illegal ones. I completely lost count how many times I have been treated like lesser human being just because people assume I don’t speak English or just because I moved from another place. Hearing the occasional “Go back to your country!” or other stupid comments about my ethnicity is all in a work’s day. I once ask myself why? Why are strangers so mean to when I know I did nothing wrong? Is being an immigrant really that much of a sin? I did some research on one of the most racist places on earth (A.K.A. the internet) to find why exactly some Americans hate immigrants so bad. I found myself laughing as I read some of those responses. I filtered the most stupid ones and only considered the ones that seem right and is widely believed but couldn’t more wrong. I stop myself and started feeling so bad at how ignorant people can really be. One of the classical reason to hate an immigrant apparently is that they get some sort magical benefits from the feds that “natives” don’t. This is the one that made me laugh the most because I realize some people really believe in fairy tales. Most people who seem to believe in this fairy tale are struggling middle-class people who want to blame their problem on people. What benefits are they talking about? Illegals don’t get anything from the feds other than deportation. Legal immigrants get the same amount of help from the feds as born Americans gets. Do you know who get food stamps and Medicare? Broke people and by broke people I mean most who aren’t in jail or army and illegals. Welfare is for everyone! Citizenship or green card gets it as long as they are broke enough! Working class immigrants or illegals gets NOTHING!!! Did you hear that internet? Most immigrants don’t get anything from nobody! If you are really jealous or people who can barely afford to eat then my friend you can make your dream come true. It’s not that hard celebrities do it all the time…quit your job and live hard like its nobody’s business. After that, you will begin to complain at how much the universe hates you while you eat garbage. Oh, it gets even easier than you can ask your local homeless white guy since most people who are Welfare Food Stamps Medicare so on are white people. That’s right people you always leave that mind-blowing fact out since you are always busy bullying innocent immigrants. Google it if you don’t believe me most people are federal aid are white people, not the “good for nothing” blacks, not your local “lazy” Mexican, not even the “freeloading” Native American. Another notorious accusation on immigrants is that we take the native’s job they “rightfully” deserve. Before I start this, why do Lots of American feels entitled to stuff so much? I still don’t get why I hope to find the answer to that question someday. That is the actual accusation that made some sense but connected to the others makes no sense at all. How can an immigrant be a lazy freeloader yet is hard-working enough to take your “rightful” job? This logic makes no sense to me. I feel like ignorant should just get together and decide on a fix stereotype of immigrants because the ones I know just don’t add up. I going to assume maybe the “immigrants” they are talking about are legal for this article. I will talk about illegal stereotypes next but for now I going to focus on the legal ones today. In a sense, I guess some immigrants do take American (depending on your definition of an American is) job. Ask yourself this question for a moment…Why are they taking my job? I have all of the advantages to getting the job instead of him/her. I speak better English than them, I am more familiar with the country’s everything and they are not. Well, I got the answer for you, YOU WERE NOT QUALIFIED! Unlike the masses, corporations are looking for the best out of the best to hire. When they are looking at you resume and your GPA is only 2.5 while they got those Indians kids who have had GPA’s of 3.7 or higher, who do you think they would hire? The guy doing the interview might not like that fact, but he will take that immigrant over you. A lot of American won’t admit this, but Kids overseas study a lot more than kids here in the United States, ask anyone who has lived in another country for at least for 5 years. A high school student in France is worth a student here with a 2 years associate degree. Don’t even get me started on the Asians. It’s actually one of the stereotypes that is actually true (to some extent). If your education system has failed you I don’t get how it’s an immigrant’s fault. I am an immigrant and other immigrants are getting jobs I want because they are better than me. The exception is immigrants who came here at a young age and did not have a real founding education back in their country. I immigrants who come here to a high school or even middle school level of education might blow your mind on how much they know, compared to and high school student here. The other reason why American kids are not getting jobs is that the internal economy sucks. Maybe not 2008 sucks but it’s still pretty bad. Unemployment rates at still pretty high compare to where it’s supposed to be. But since people like to have a scapegoat for their problems on immigrants like they are the answer to everything wrong in the United States. If there are any other concerns about immigrants of all kinds please let me know in the comments because I don’t see why there should be. I don’t expect people to love immigrants  and start treating us like we are the best thing to ever happen to Americans (not that we aren’t the best). I just want people to stop saying stupid things about us that aren’t true. Share, comment, like if you understand even the slightest thing I said here 😀