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Imagine a World

If I could go back to the moment when times began,

And granted the permission to ask anything for man,

I would humbly beg for humans to be gifted a heart,

That on causing pain to someone else got torn apart,

So we cared more for others than for ourselves we do,

Since if we harmed anyone, we would perish we knew,

Then we would have handled everyone else with care,

Being gentle more than we are with delicate glassware,

Imagine a world in which only soft words were spoken,

As our harshness left nobody other than us heartbroken!


-By Dr Asghar Nazeer See more at:




The blades of time turned on us
my world shattered into oblivion
you read my ‘crooned’ for ‘marooned’
drank down my tincture of intimacy
from the chalice of venomous timbre

My words smothered in your reluctant ears
alas! you read my reds as grays


By Irene Clasper follow her @