37 thoughts on “Fight like a tiger!

  1. milliethom

    Tigers are magnificent creatures and it makes me really angry that they have become such endangered species due to man’s activities – including hunting and deforestation.

      1. milliethom

        I suppose it’s a combination of financial greed and lack of respect for the hundreds of different species that share our planet. Deforestation – causing loss of so many habitats – has a lot to answer for. Despite so many campaigns to control it, it still continues on a massive scale. And hunting animals like tigers just to make rugs doesn’t bear thinking about.

          1. milliethom

            I think killing for eating is quite a different thing – although many vegetarians would probably disagree. My eldest son has been a butcher for well over twenty years and has his own shop. There are issues involved in so many subjects – and we can’t get bogged down in all of them.

                1. wholeproduction Post author

                  Trying to stop it will only cause trouble for me and guess what? things will never change…well they will but things tends to work out on its own. I have seen way to many people try to change the world and fail. I tend not to worry about things i can’t change but worry about the ones I can change.


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