New WordPress!

Okay no fancy intro here. I just going to get to the point. Do you like the improvements word press is making? I just need to know because to me changes is always weird to me. I am not saying those changes or good or bad but they are just weird…in an unsure way. I feel like the only thing that changed is the look for the most part is the look. I know some features were added and stuff but I don’t think I need those features were need at all. At least for me anyways because I don’t think I will be using any of them…ever. I sure  for some people it’s exactly what they have been looking  but it’s not some much for me. I like it the way it was before. I the kind of person who doesn’t fix anything until it like completely broken. Maybe WordPress was getting insecure or something. Yeah that’s probably it, they are thinking that if they don’t do something new for us we are all going to leave them and go to Weebly or some other blogging host website. Or even worst….we would all…all go to! Don’t worry WordPress we will never leave you. You are my one and only site, and it’s like I said i hate changing stuff for new ones no matter how shiny the new toy might be.  I know it sounds like I am complaining here but I am really not.  I am just saying there was no point in changing anything…at least for me. That is just my opinion so please don’t hate me. If you like than changes please let me know which one you like. Actually there is one feature I have actually use the past couple of days. That whole scheduling post thing is not that bad. Other then that it’s all useless to me. I don’t know, So what do you guys think? 🙂


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