The excuses

We all have something that’s holding us back from reaching goals. Something it’s a reason sometimes it just an excuse. The thing is 9 of 10 scenarios of the times are excuses not reasons. We often lie to ourselves and make it look like it’s the reverse of that. Now here comes the million dollar question: how do you make the difference between the two? The answer is this, there is no excuse! None, the only thing that stops us from reaching our goals 9 out 10 scenarios is our minds. You put yourself down with negative thoughts like. “I am not good enough”. The truth is you are only as good as you think yourself as. A positive outlook on yourself and life in general can go a long way! That is why I do these little pep talks. It helps me as much as it helps you to realize that you can do way much more. If you keep thinking that you not good enough for that dream then you really won’t ever reach it. First off you won’t ever bother even try because you think you will fail. If by some chance you do take a shot at it you will probably fail. Trying anything with a negative mind only set you up for negative results. You won’t ever try or do the work you need to right because you can already see yourself fail. It’s psychology people! People tend to do  better when they have a positive mind. Do you think those “started from the bottom now we’re here” story people  made it because they were negative the entire time they were trying? No! People like Bill Gates or even Mark Zuckerberg didn’t leave Harvard were negative. They did because they believe they could live greater and dared to dream or something not even school could get them. I am not saying to leave school or anything because that is very important. I am also not saying to be cocky and think you are better than other people are superior in any way. I am just saying if your mind could see such dream, you can make it happen. Having a positive mind is what makes the difference between winners and losers. When things get hard or failure comes knocking at your door most people will give up. Those that did well, they just didn’t believe in themselves or that dream they wanted bad. Those who wins are the ones who got back up no matter how hard they got knocked down. The reason they did that is because they believed in their dream and themselves. They believed so much that they already saw themselves at the finish line no matter what hardship they were facing during the course. It all starts with a dream and motivation.  You can do this! You just need you believe a little…well by a little I mean a lot!


15 thoughts on “The excuses

  1. bobbyjessica2319

    Couldn’t agree more about this. Excuses are keeping people from what they want. And they don’t even realize it.


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