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Not fit for love

love rain

Whatever I do

The clue seems the same



I’m just not fit to be loved

And I’ve got no one to blame



It’s not that I can’t

Or that I don’t want to try


I just can’t keep it together

Without knowing why



I keep on getting these crushes

But my feelings don’t change


It’s like my heart wants to rush it

It’s making me go insane


-By sucker for words See more at:

Conspiracy Alert!

Do you know what ticks me off? all of those so-called conspiracy theorist talking nonsense all the time! Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything with people with legit conspiracy thoughts about stuff. I just so happen to be a Conspiracist (a person who has conspiracy theories about something probably not areal word but feel free to quote me on that) myself. I probably won’t ever talk about them here in this blog but yeah I am one of those guys. I take that stuff very seriously and bothers me seeing other people ruining it for everyone. I sure most people has at least one thing they think isn’t what everybody else think appears to be. But there are some people out there that just label everything they don’t like as evil. The most current trend now to do so is to label them as “Illuminati”. This world is probably one of the most over used word out there. it’s so bad that the world lost his meaning completely! If some guy lose his job or got lay off he just calls his company “Illuminati” to blow off some steam. Some guy doesn’t like a certain famous person or popular organization? He call it “Illuminati” because screw logic or anything that makes sense in this world that’s why! This word is the most easiest to use because as long you can show there is a triangle of some sort in a picture, that is all the logical explanation you need. Do you know how easy it is to find a rectangular object in random pictures? It pisses me off so bad because I am that person who goes the distance to prove my argument. I will do extensive research, talk to people, heck I will all C.S.I.  twisted with a little Sherlock Holmes on you if I have to prove my point. It’s like I said I take this little hobby of mine really serious. A little too serous at times but it’s whatever it takes to prove my point. But when some bored idiot goes out his way to ruin my favorite hobby, things get a little too real for me and that person. Well maybe not that real since I am not the type to argue much online. This hobby is not my favorite hobby but it’s on my top 10 list! I don’t always try to explain my thoughts to people because I am extremely socially awkward. But if I am the last thing I need is to people to look at me like I am one of “those people”. By those people I mean people who tries too hard to sound smart or even worst…those idiot who label everything “Illuminati” because they can. You have no idea who annoying that is when all you want to do is share your ‘heavily’ believed opinion. People already think I crazy as it is trying to prove my point, please don’t make it any harder than it has to be. If I see one more of those ridiculous “Illuminati” word being thrown around for no reason again I will find who did this faster and safer than Liam Neeson did in taken and I will hurt you! I say hurt because I can’t actually kill you. I will torture you by tickling you until you promise you won’t do it again! Yeah, that’s right be afraid….be very afraid because I am deadly serious about this stuff!realtalk

Imagine a World

If I could go back to the moment when times began,

And granted the permission to ask anything for man,

I would humbly beg for humans to be gifted a heart,

That on causing pain to someone else got torn apart,

So we cared more for others than for ourselves we do,

Since if we harmed anyone, we would perish we knew,

Then we would have handled everyone else with care,

Being gentle more than we are with delicate glassware,

Imagine a world in which only soft words were spoken,

As our harshness left nobody other than us heartbroken!


-By Dr Asghar Nazeer See more at: