You’re my lady, made for me!


I swear to you there could never ever be,

In this whole world, as far as I could see,


Someone else who could be my soulmate,

Except you, most precious gift of my fate,


I am thankful to you for being my best friend,

And for being a perfect life partner God-send,


The one person who makes me happy is you,

You alone make my life worth living, it’s true,


Before we even met, I had known you forever,

Since times began, we had been apart never,


From nothing, you changed me to everything,

My queen of hearts, just with you I am a king,


Whatever creative I do in life, you are my muse,

When my spirits droop, you take me out of blues,


You are my world; you’re the love of my life,

You are my sweetheart, O my prettiest wife!


Blessed I am to have you, the belle of my paradise,

You, my sweetheart, are really a fairy in a disguise!


I still remember when forever I took your hand,

Pledging my life to you, I put the wedding band,


Let me yet once more get down on my knee,

To say you are my lady, who is made for me!

– By Dr Asghar Nazeer See more at:–made-for-me–by-Dr-Asghar-Nazeer#sthash.O2lzcr9j.dpuf

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