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Part 2…soon.

Yeah, I been busy the past week mostly with family issues and stuff but worry not people. I will come back blogging really soon I just need some time to fix some stuff first. Part two is coming soon and from the looks of it it’s going to be this friday. We will see, until then bear with me because I promise to return faster than Arnold Schwarzenegger did from terminator 2. 😛

The Exile (part 1)

Part 2-A Painful Reunion

She walks through the snow. She’s shivering; shaking so hard she looks as if she might fall at any given moment. Blindly, she stumbles through the icy winter storm; the wind howls in her face and frost snaps at her already numb skin, slipping easily through her thin, cotton cloak. She is alone out here, facing the wild weather with nothing but the meager clothing that covers her thin frame. She wanders across the barren wasteland in search of the shelter of the trees she had seen in the distance before the storm. Those trees… So familiar to her they were. She should have never left their shelter, or the safe calmness of living a solitary life with the man she loved. Not so long ago was it that she was in his embrace, but it feels so far away now… She might not even make it to the tree line. Continuing on her harsh journey, the young girl of eighteen wraps her arms protectively around herself as bitter tears run down her face, instantly freezing to her cheeks. She’s a castaway. Thrown into the snows by her own family because of a secret burden she carries. Exiled, frost bitten, and hungry, she recalls with deep grief the anger in her father’s eyes. Her secret had been kept safe until it was no longer able to be hidden any longer. He now knew of it, and had cast her away like vermin, as if she’d been tainted with a disease. She could still hear his curses and shouts in the screaming of the winds. Looking up, the girl finally can see the shadows of the trees through the blizzard. She is close, and soon she would be in the shelter of the trees. Fixing her cloak so it covers her better, she shuffles onwards through the storm. ‘A baby is no disease,’ she thinks to herself sadly. She vows here and now she will never let anything hurt her precious child. Soon enough, the soon-to-be mother steps into the trees, and the wind instantly dies down to a sharp breeze; still stinging in its fast pace, but lesser than being blasted by the wind full on. “Adan!” She calls, but her voice is snatched away in the still-powerful wind, and she presses further into the forest. Hours go by, and she still has not found him. She is growing ever weaker, and is hunted by the growing cries of wolves. She could remember Adan telling her stories of huge silver wolves falling upon their prey swift and deadly, their jaws snapping powerfully, ready to rip into flesh. She remembers a time when she and the dark haired boy with shining brown eyes that always seemed to smile told her stories of the deep pits that were dug to trap the wolves. Stories by a warm hearth of how some of the older ones he had found had been sewn with wooden stakes that had been poisoned to ensure the creatures death. Out of breath and suddenly very afraid of the howls that are drawing ever nearer, the young woman leans agains a thick pine. She is exhausted, unsure of where to begin looking for her lover’s house that had been built on the entrance of an abandoned cave. She is starved, dehydrated, and freezing. If she does not find warmth and, at the very least, water, and soon, she and her unborn child will perish in the snows.

BY: TheCounntryGirrl

Why I don’t…celebrate Christmas

Man that sounds like a hard thing to say. But I can assure you that I have a couple of few reason for not doing so believe me. I don’t even know where to being here to be honest I mean should I talk about the hypocrisy of the entire thing or just how misleading its origin are. I think I going to talk about the origin part only today. Oh and by the way if you don’t believe the things I say in here you can always google it or read some Wikipedia pages. What I talk about here isn’t a theory about rather a fact people have chosen to ignore to make themselves feel better. Just like you probably will. I think that it should be known as common knowledge that there is no such thing as a REAL christmas. No one knows when exactly when Jesus was truly born. They never gave an exact date in the Bible and archaeology have not quite figure out that part either. The only thing they seem to know is that is that Jesus was born sometimes in winter. Actually some research suggest that Jesus may not have been in winter at all. The actual truth is that Christmas is just a prank some pagan priest wasted to play on newly converted christians. And the thing is that it works! To me that is the most successful prank ever. The 25th of december is nothing but some holiday where they celebrated their sun-god “Sol Invictus”. When Christianity began to really take over the people of Rome those pagan priest was a little less than pleased to say the least. They really wanted to keep their practices old customs. They surely didn’t want to lose their jobs nor did they want to convert to christianity. So they did what they do best, fool the people. They infiltrated the church and installed many of the old practice within the church. They changed most of their god’s name into famous christian personalities such as Venus to Marie or Cupid into baby Jesus. They are the reason that Catholics have saints and why Catholicism exist in the first place! Amongst those changes they also added  “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti” into their trick. Catholicism is not and was never the only religion to talk about Jesus. Other really small churches did so in northern Africa and those churches mostly rejected those ideas. They eventually accepted it but whenever a group did another group didn’t. The reason being is that most of those beliefs just aren’t biblical. Read the bible and there is nowhere does anybody encourages those practices. Have you ever heard of Indulgences in the middle ages? Yeah it’s really that inaccurate. The Catholic church have always had a reputation of slitting and have always kept doing until protestants began to reveal the lies of the church. That is how we know this today because those Catholics tried their very best to erased those facts from history. The romans were not the only culprit of this master scheme other european tribes have also done this. Adding their personal stuff to Christian stuff. I mean it’s gotten so bad that Coca-Cola wanted some part in adding tradition and made the current Santa look you know today. Are christians really that Gullible? Yes yes they are. If you are not christian and probably don’t care about this I going to be the one to let you know conspiracies like those plague our societies and even have affected science or whatever thing you belive in. I will talk about some of them in here so don’t you worry 😉 I bet you my top dollar that you will still pretend Christmas is all about Jesus birthday. If that makes you feel any worse The Bible or the apostle paul talks about those pagan practices we should be doing because they are a blaspheme To God. They even talk about how we shouldn’t Not celebrate thing like Jesus’s birthday because we should be doing that everyday. Think about it people if Jesus really wanted you to celebrate his Birthday he would have told you about it. He does that to the things he wants you to celebrate.


you feel realtalk


You’re my lady, made for me!


I swear to you there could never ever be,

In this whole world, as far as I could see,


Someone else who could be my soulmate,

Except you, most precious gift of my fate,


I am thankful to you for being my best friend,

And for being a perfect life partner God-send,


The one person who makes me happy is you,

You alone make my life worth living, it’s true,


Before we even met, I had known you forever,

Since times began, we had been apart never,


From nothing, you changed me to everything,

My queen of hearts, just with you I am a king,


Whatever creative I do in life, you are my muse,

When my spirits droop, you take me out of blues,


You are my world; you’re the love of my life,

You are my sweetheart, O my prettiest wife!


Blessed I am to have you, the belle of my paradise,

You, my sweetheart, are really a fairy in a disguise!


I still remember when forever I took your hand,

Pledging my life to you, I put the wedding band,


Let me yet once more get down on my knee,

To say you are my lady, who is made for me!

– By Dr Asghar Nazeer See more at:–made-for-me–by-Dr-Asghar-Nazeer#sthash.O2lzcr9j.dpuf