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No more poems!

This is just an update. There won’t be any poems posted on here for a while because I am off celebrating the holidays with my family! I am just kidding I don’t celebrate thanksgiving. I just don’t see why? I mean I am very thankful for all the stuff I have in my life everyday. I find no use for for such day. The same thing goes for other “holidays” like valentines day. Why do I have the need to validate you one that one day and not care after the rest of the year? Maybe I am just some weird sappy guy but I always try to make my girl (if I had one) feel special whenever I find the time. The thing I hate the most with thanksgiving is that we pretend to be thankful for what we have then spend the next twelve hours doing the most materialistic thing we have done all year. Don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of Christmas! Look many as a foreigner things like this seems outrageous to me but this what I really think. The only Holiday I really have nothing against is new year’s day. There is only one first day of the year where you make false promise to yourself and kind of thankful you made it this far.Okay going back to the real reason I making this post. The real reason of the decrease in the amount of art posted in here is because most of the people that use to give come to me to share their work juts aren’t coming anymore. I don’t why maybe they have found sound one better. Yeah I have been dumped once again by someone I was really getting used to. Maybe it’s because I hate holidays or something. I now must challenge you now my dear people…I you are know someone that would be willing to share their work (poem, short story, art work, photography) I would greatly appreciate it. Or just my me in the comment section or drop me an email that would also make my holiday worth it ūüôā I don’t plagiarize anything in here I promise! I will work out whatever terms you want ūüôā


Best Fan Award!

I know this award is technically 1 day late but better later than never right? This should actually be called best supporter award. I guess calling it fan would make people think I am important enough to have fan so there you go. The best way of false advertising I can think of right now. This is the people who I feel like helped out my blog whether they know it or not. This is only regarding my blog not one of those you get regarding all blogs of the internet or something. I decided last week that I was going to do this but I didn’t really know how. I mean I don’t want to leave some people and make them think I am playing favorites. So I am going to apologize right now if someone feels like I didn’t mention them when they supported this Blog. Some people I don’t mention in here like my God or parents not because they are beyond compare beside the know I love them. Some people I have not The main thing is if you started to support this blog but for some reason stop you will not any¬†mention. All of the people I have here used to support me are supporting me and will always support me (I hope). I am not going to list everyone but only the 6. It’s 6 because I didn’t feel like making it 10 and it’s too long or 5 and it’s too short. Now without anymore delays here were my top 6 fans for this year!

#6.¬†Stephania¬†This person is not even on WordPress but has been the most supportive person from my family. That’s right people who¬†is my sister. She doesn’t really view my blog to be honest but the only reason why she made it to this list is because she allows my to advertise on her Blog at Blogspot(I don’t think she wants me to advertise for here for some reason). I guess you win the award for most reblog or something. So yes Steph I got you a shout out happy now?

#5.Chess¬†This lady has been a big supporter. She has been a follower of mine for a while. Once she began to follow me she has viewed or liked almost every post I got in here. She is awesome. She likes my stuff even when I have not viewed her stuff that often. She wins the “I will view you no matter what” Award. she is also on WordPress so go check her blog out!¬†

#4.¬†Princess Poetry¬†I was actually going to write her real name but I remember her telling me not to do that. She actually is the reason why I made this list for top 6 instead of top 5. She has been one of the first people who allowed me to feature her in here. ¬†Princess I guess you get the “I ruin people’s list because I am so I am so supportive” award. She is not on WordPress but you can check her stuff out¬†right here.

#3.¬†kanzensakura¬†this is another person I don’t get to thank enough around here that always does her best to view my blog. I actually had a hard time choosing her and the second place person but she came second only by this much. She is one of the people who actually leave comments likes and views. ¬†I did not forget about you! She gets the “I almost forget you” award. But you are still awesome. check out her stuff¬†

#2¬†Neha Jain¬†this lady has been one of my very first followers! You my friend has been a huge support to me ever since you clicked that follow button. You may not know this but you actually given my courage when I wanted to quit once. You get the “best WordPress fan award” You would have been number 1 but came in short to my real #1 fan. check her stuff out¬†

#1¬†TheCountryGirrl I have decided to keep this person’s name a secret because I wasn’t sure if she was okay give it out online. I can spend all day ¬†telling you how much this lady has done for me when it comes to this blog you wouldn’t believe! She commented in almost all of my post! She likes everything views and shares like no other!. She actually is my first follow by email. She encourage my a lot and I don’t know what this blog can be without this lady. She is my #1 in all category in¬†all of those made up award and therefore deserves without a doubt the “#1fan” award for 2014. Check her stuff for sure¬†right here.