No more poems!

This is just an update. There won’t be any poems posted on here for a while because I am off celebrating the holidays with my family! I am just kidding I don’t celebrate thanksgiving. I just don’t see why? I mean I am very thankful for all the stuff I have in my life everyday. I find no use for for such day. The same thing goes for other “holidays” like valentines day. Why do I have the need to validate you one that one day and not care after the rest of the year? Maybe I am just some weird sappy guy but I always try to make my girl (if I had one) feel special whenever I find the time. The thing I hate the most with thanksgiving is that we pretend to be thankful for what we have then spend the next twelve hours doing the most materialistic thing we have done all year. Don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of Christmas! Look many as a foreigner things like this seems outrageous to me but this what I really think. The only Holiday I really have nothing against is new year’s day. There is only one first day of the year where you make false promise to yourself and kind of thankful you made it this far.Okay going back to the real reason I making this post. The real reason of the decrease in the amount of art posted in here is because most of the people that use to give come to me to share their work juts aren’t coming anymore. I don’t why maybe they have found sound one better. Yeah I have been dumped once again by someone I was really getting used to. Maybe it’s because I hate holidays or something. I now must challenge you now my dear people…I you are know someone that would be willing to share their work (poem, short story, art work, photography) I would greatly appreciate it. Or just my me in the comment section or drop me an email that would also make my holiday worth it šŸ™‚ I don’t plagiarize anything in here I promise! I will work out whatever terms you want šŸ™‚


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