People that need a raise…

I think that there is a lot of people I think needs a raise. My ESL teachers for example those people help me kind of know how to write that think they call English. I would pay those people about 100K per month if I could because they are bawling awesome! But do you know really needs a raise? That one bus driver who doesn’t yell at you when you a quarter short the bus fare. They act if you gave the right amount and they sometimes waits for you if they seen you coming like a mile away. I would pay those guys about 100K…per week! I would give them a bonus 10K when they drives crazy fast so you are not late to class or where ever you are going. Who would you give a raise If you could?


3 thoughts on “People that need a raise…

  1. kait

    I’d give farmers/ranchers who sell to us consumers a raise. They’re out there all year bustin their butts to grow food for us, and doing all kinds of other back-breaking work. Whether its providing meat from cattle they’ve raised, crops, or both.


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