Why do people make the world so darn complicated? You have to go to so much school just to learn something that could have taking less time if you only took classes that actually relates to your major! Why can’t we just get along and not fight wars? Why can’t scientist stop fighting each other for who gets to discover what and unite to fight this wouldn’t problems? I mean they still would not solve everything but I am sure they would get a lot more done together. People keep adding to the rules making it more complicated for us just to have a normal life tells us it’s for the best. The whole reason for making so many demands out people is because they wanted to make life easier. What they never realize (or deliberately ignored) is that life just keep getting harder and more complicated with all of those “make things easy” rules. Don’t worry I am not an anarchist or anything. I do agree with having rules to keep order but to what extent? I know this post is nothing more but a shout into a void but I am just saying. I think if people were honest and simple life would be a lot better. Do you agree that chaining our lives with all of those society’s “necessary” demand worth the things you are getting today? What do you guys think?


7 thoughts on “#deepthoughts

      1. kait

        me too. i wish more people would try to help others rather than shutting them out. i mean, we are all equal. one is no different from the other. we all suffer, we all die, we all have a heartbeat; skin, disability, looks, hurt… all that shouldn’t matter.very few people get that. and the ones that do are sometimes consumed with righting everyone else’s wrongs so much as to the point where they get depressed. i think some of the happiest people can be the most depressed because they know how hard it can be. they understand how painful life can be and how alone it can feel. i think the most happy of people often are the most depressed because they’ve been through so much, and they don’t want anyone else to go through what they did. or even go through pain at all. they understand not only that the world is dark, but also that there is also light. we just have to brave the waves of despair and walk on the water to get to it. very few see both sides of it. the good and the bad. the innocent and the tainted. and when they reach out for the help they need; the shove they need into the light from the people they are there for, often they get shut out because no one will believe them. how could someone so happy be so overcome with depression at the blink of an eye? they don’t understand some of us have always been depressed… and when they are turned away and rejected for something they cannot control, even though they cry out with all they have left to be spared, they sink low. anything to stop the mental pain, as the mind can be more effective than a two edged sword at tearing one to shreds. some drink, some cut, some commit suicide, some run, some purge, some do drugs, some go insane… then they get labeled themselves. some pull through and find the light again, clinging to it for dear life, but some are less fortunate. society has standards that we must all be perfect, and they shut out those who are less than so. what they don’t realize is that no one on this earth is perfect. even celebrities have these same issues, so why judge? its not an excuse for some of the actions by people, but its an understanding as to why they did it. i guess what i’m trying to state is that we need more people in this world who actually get it. so shoot for the moon, man. 🙂 and even if you miss your mark, you will land among the stars.


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