Monthly Archives: October 2014

More Rants!

Based from my last rant I think it’s about time I start posting more rants on here. It wasn’t because it go lots of views or lots of comments I just feel like taking my own advice for once. I want to start blogging (ranting) more my way. I actually have not been ranting my brains out on this blog worrying that maybe people wouldn’t like my ideas and leave. But then this revelation hit me…No one views this blog anyways! I am not complaining about it I am just saying this true. I don’t even know if anyone will ever get to read this. I am actually happy about that, I can now talk freely without anybody objecting me. A blessing in disguise is what I call it. There will still be poetry on here and have the occasional artist’s work featured. Speaking of which I need to post a new poem in here soon. I am also going to make a few announcements this week so look out for that too.

I will never work for some big corporation!

I am serious I just won’t ever work for any big corporation no matter how much they pay me. Okay maybe I might work for some because believe it or not just about everything in this country is own by some big corporation of some sort but by work I am talking about writing. I recently have been thinking about making writing into my long life career. I don’t know if I will actually do it yet but if I do it won’t for the big man won’t be part of it. I know it’s the cliché thing to say as would be writer but it’s true. I feel like writers today are more and more losing their freedom to write about what they really want. I mean people are really bias  and I don’t think my writing would actually please my boss when I talk about  things he really don’t like. I know there is a lot of gullible people out there that truly believe that there is no such thing as a hidden agenda in the entertainment industry. As long as their people are happy and keep thinking that then your boss won’t care about those who don’t. And by people I am talking about the majority of people consuming their product. Whether you are a comic book writer or sponsored blogger or a writer for some TV show or movies you will at some point have to write something you really don’t believe in. Needless to say most of these writers get over it once they see their pay check but for me belief is everything! I believe in a lot of stuff and if you ever force me to believe otherwise or act against it I will fight you! Okay maybe not a physical fight since I also don’t believe in violence but I will talk you to death. I feel like writers don’t really have a choice anymore because there is no such thing as an independent panel for where we can say whatever we want and make money. You can’t blame their editor or producers too much since just like everyone else they are trying to make the most of amount money they possibly can. They are humans too and humans are selfish. You can pretend not to be selfish all you want but deep down we all want something, in their case it’s good rating. The better the rating the more viewers and the more viewers the more sponsors they get and the more of that means more money. Even publishing companies or newspapers are in on this nowadays. If they don’t think that your novel or article don’t fit their agenda they will make you change it or reject it. Yeah I am ever going there and say the news because if they don’t tell you stuff that will make you freak out you won’t view them. I mean there is always the internet but even that too is about people pleasing too. If you don’t give your viewers what they want they will hate you or just not view your content anymore and just like TV viewership shtuff in crucial (no that was not a typo shtuff is a real word in head). Trying to find people who will like your stuff can be hard and if you do they will never be enough of them to pay the bills. If you want to make real money on that stuff and quit your day job your only option is your mother’s basement. What I am trying to say here is that this world is all about people pleasing or at least the world of entertainment is. We all want people to like us and that means we care what people think about us. If you are not the worker trying to please your faceless boss you are the boss trying to please a public. I am not saying  there aren’t people are lucky that their beliefs are just so happen to match the public’s interest. To those people I say “good for you”. You got lots of YouTuber vloggers that fit that category perfectly. But what happen if you are like me and think that your views are way too radical that even hipsters and mainstreams won’t like it. I guess I might work got a big corporation after all but only if  they pay me enough so that my whole family won’t ever have to work in their lives ever again until they die.