More Rants!

Based from my last rant I think it’s about time I start posting more rants on here. It wasn’t because it go lots of views or lots of comments I just feel like taking my own advice for once. I want to start blogging (ranting) more my way. I actually have not been ranting my brains out on this blog worrying that maybe people wouldn’t like my ideas and leave. But then this revelation hit me…No one views this blog anyways! I am not complaining about it I am just saying this true. I don’t even know if anyone will ever get to read this. I am actually happy about that, I can now talk freely without anybody objecting me. A blessing in disguise is what I call it. There will still be poetry on here and have the occasional artist’s work featured. Speaking of which I need to post a new poem in here soon. I am also going to make a few announcements this week so look out for that too.


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