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Vegetable Pot Pie


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Where’s the meat???? Well, you don’t need any for this recipe. Vegetable Pot Pie is healthy for people and animals. If you must have meat, add some chunks of cooked chicken. But honestly folks, you don’t need it. Lots of veggies in a warm thick sauce nestled between two pie crusts, making the house smell so good and driving away that cold weather outside.

You can add other veggies of course, but this recipe has classic pot pie veggies and what’s so good about it, you can use frozen bagged vegetable mixtures to save time and effort. And if you are really driven for time and want to simplify it even more, add the equivalent liquid amount of cream of mushroom or celery soup. Not as good and considering how easy it is to make a roux and add liquid, it would be a shame to take the canned…

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My folks are quite weird,
Crazy for the wild.
We’re always after danger,
Never anything mild.

We’ve a knack for fire,
And for watching flames dance.
We can light almost anything,
Given half a chance.

My pops once lit a tree,
Seventy feet of wood encased in sap.
It went up in smoke,
Fish and Game yelled’ “CRAP!”

Even while hunting,
Dad’ll light a small fire.
I’ll admit I enjoy it,
As the flame dance even higher.

So, my folks are pyros.
Its passed from one gen to the next.
My grandpa, dad, then me,
Without it, we’d be vexed.

– By TheCountryGirrl See more at:…-by-TheCountryGirrl#sthash.8hoFGnPT.dpuf