What’s the F*cking deal with all of the swearing?

Why do people always feel the need to swear all the time? This may just be me okay but I really don’t get the idea behind swearing. The most used excused for swearing is that it helps you take away stress especially when you are mad. I get it okay? We all have something we do when we are mad to blow steam off mine is just different than yours and that’s fine with me. People these days seem to use swearing as something “fun” to do. Okay so the other I was sitting on a bus when this lady got on all smiling and sat next to me. She seem pretty nice and all until she started talking on the phone and began swearing her face off. I mean I would get it if you were angry but she was actually just joking and laughing the whole time. Using the “F” word at least once in every sentence. She was calling her friend a b*tch and call some party “the sh*t”. I was sitting and thinking, why does her friend let her call her that and if that party was as crappy as you said why did you enjoy it so much? Call me old fashion but I find that swearing is the worst when kids are doing it in front of adult like it’s the normal thing to do. I feel like some people just swear to validate their statements. For example when someone is losing an argument, they tend to just stop using any logic at all just swear to hide the fact they argument is not even valid. Or some people feel the need to swear because they need to validate their words and make it sound “cool”. Sometimes it because they really don’t believe in themselves. Some are just plain idiots and do it because everybody is doing. They will sometimes have the nerve and tell you “it’s just who I am”. As if swearing give them a sense of personality. If that was true then you my friend would have a pretty shallow personality and you would be doing something that everybody in this generation is doing which defeats the whole point of how “special” swearing makes you feel. Many people think that those who swear a lot are uneducated and are stupid. I myself don’t think so…the reason being is that I know way too much people smarter than me who do it. It doesn’t make it right but it’s just what it is. If you are going to be one of those hypocrite that says “Well I don’t care what people think about! I only do me.” Just be quiet because we all know deep down we all want to be accepted and loved by those around us. Not swearing doesn’t make you a good person oh no that is not what I trying to say here. I just think that people should try the best they can because it’s not as cool as you think it is. So what do you guys think of the subject? You don’t have to agree with me but let me know what you think on this matter! 😀

2 thoughts on “What’s the F*cking deal with all of the swearing?

  1. kait

    Totally agree. I used to cuss n swear a LOT, but now its limited to if I get SUPER mad or injured n can’t control my words.


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