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Tuna-green peas Quesadilla:


yaaaaayyy😃😃!! Here comes my 50th post in this blog…I still recollect the day i wrote my first post Easy Lunch-Grilled Kingfish fast time goes!! Just can’t believe I am posting my 50th recipe..
till now the journey was super exciting and cool..a big thanks and Love to my hubby and kid😊, who gave me full freedom and support to experiment in the kitchen.. 😳😋and the best presentation images are being clicked by my dear hubby…he even replaced my old laptop with a brand new1..❤❤😊!!guyz.,now a days he is learning the FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY technics and tips for this blog pics…without him I can’t do all this..Then im so thankful to my dad and mom.. They used to ask me why can’t you try this and that??!! everyone says that i got cooking skills and taste from my dad, who is an amazing cook..

my friends…

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Two down!


My football fans! This world cup must be one of the most touching I even seen! If you aren’t fan you need six point to go on to the next stage of the competition. Each game you win you get tree points and you only get to play tree games. Australia and Spain are going home because they lost two games in a row. If you had read my previous rant about my top five teams you would know how happy and sad I am at the same time. Australia has been one of my favorite under dog going in this world cup. They are under rated and are usually one of those team that no one cares about. Well yesterday they changed that for people. They put up a good fight yesterday but lost anyway. Spain in the other hand got raped once again 2-0 against Chile. did they play a nice game? Yes. Did they lose anyways? Yes. Do I feel bad for them? Nope. I wanted Spain to lose this world cup from the beginning! I didn’t care about them before but after them won the last world cup…I hated those guys! I mean how dare they win!!! I am so happy they are going home feeling like crap and to have the worst world record of a so called “former world cup champion”. Australia’s game touched my heart yesterday, they could have tie to say the least if only them didn’t make that one mistake they did ;( I am not going to lie I almost teared up when the game ended. Why???!!! Why did it have to be this way? And don’t even get me started on Tim Cahil’s first goal. That man deserve a cookie. If I ever get to meet him i would give him a cookie!!! You know a world cup is surprising you when some nobody team is giving better goals and performance then a world cup winner. this world cup is bitter sweet, It’s heavy to watch. I want Australia to win against Spain sooo bad 😀 if they do maybe I won’t feel so bad when they go home. For now I am still more sad than happy ;(

She will soar

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Sunlight hot on
Yesterday moment
She stands before
Snapshot in time
Years gone by
Little more grey
And that’s ok
Still smiling.
She still believes
As she stands
Dreams in the heart
Life in the soul
Step by step
She walks the edge
She knows.
The world before her
She reaches her hands to the air
Wind blows gently
She is alive
She is a part
Of the sum of the whole,
This she knows to her core,
And it is good.
Sometimes she needs
To remind herself
Gonna make it through girl,
Gonna make it through,
So she moves forward
Shaking the dust off
Highway waves from the sun
Oasis ahead,
She will soar.

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