Hunan Chicken

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Hunan Chicken- (my version -created from the taste I carried out from the restaurants😃):


Hunan chicken is the starter which my family loves to order when we eat out.. Few days back when we had it last from restaurant mom asked me ” why can’t you try this at home??”

That day i decided to try this wonderful recipe at home with the help of  the taste i carried from here’s my version of Hunan Chicken..

Today I am taking this to Angie’s Fiesta Friday party.. This is my second time.. Last time I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends and new tastes..😃 Its really fun and Rocking…thank you so much Angie for this great party!!😊



for marinade:

Boneless chicken leg pc-1/2 kg( sliced tall )

Kashmiri chilli-1 teaspoon

red chilli flakes-1 teaspoon

pepper powder-1 spoon

All purpose flour-3 spoon

corn flour-3 spoon

Egg white-of 1 egg

soya sauce-2…

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